2018 Surf The Creek


RSVP for our 2nd annual Surf the Creek on El Dorado Lake! This demo day gives you the opportunity to ride in and surf behind a Centurion or Supreme boat.

• Demo a Phase 5 Surfboard

•Learn about Centurion Boats new Opti-V Hull design for 2018. With this new hull design we are now burning 50% less fuel!

•Learn about Ramfill, which is a Centurion Boats exclusive that allows you to fill as much as 2,500lbs of ballast in 60 seconds or less into the sub floor hard tanks.

•See first hand why a Centurion or Supreme boat handles rough water far better than the competitors boats thanks to their Deep V Hull

Please call us Monday-Friday 9am-5pm to RSVP a demo spot for Saturday, June 9th!

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